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Python Vs JavaScript

Ever got a feeling as to what is Python and JavaScript? What are the differences? How do they work and how are they important to a programmer?

Well if you have such questions, then you are at the right place. We will go slowly and know the complete in and out of these programming languages.


Python is a language that supports different programming languages as it is an object-oriented programming, functional programming, imperative programming, and procedural programming. It has come up with a very huge built-in modules and different set of packages which allows its programmers to use different program styles for simple and complex programs.


Java-Script as a programming language is object-oriented. JavaScript is highly used in the browsers to provide dynamic functionality that cannot be achieved through normal HTML, CSS and other coding/programming languages. Even JavaScript also has support for standard applications with text, regular expressions, and dates.

Key Differences Between Python and JavaScript

Some of the key points are explained below that shows the Differences Between Python vs JavaScript

  • JavaScript is a frontend programming language whereas Python is a backend programming language.

  • Python has something called as the procedural programming whereas Java-Script does not have any such programming.

  • Python is a language that is easy to maintain whereas JavaScript is comparatively tougher.

  • Python is not good for mobile development whereas Java-Script is very good for the same.

  • Python’s run time is slow when compared to JavaScript.

  • Python programming heavily relies on assignments with no difference between variables and assignment whereas JavaScript does not relay on any such things.

  • Python has many open sources called libraries for any kind of scientific computing, data analytics, and machine learning whereas JavaScript does not have any such open source available.

  • Python supports many numeral data types like int, float, fixed-point decimal whereas Java-Script mainly works and runs on the website & the floating-point variables.

  • Python has an inbuilt REPL whereas JavaScript does not have the same.

  • JavaScript runs on both browser and server whereas python is used for server-side programming.

  • Python is easy to get started when compared to JavaScript.

  • With Python, it is easy to find new jobs compared to JavaScript in the coming years.

  • JavaScript is the most complex modern programming language compared to python.

  • Unlike JavaScript, python does not have a way to change from instances.

Other major differences between these two languages are as follows:


Now that we have seen various differences between these two programming languages, now it’s time to sum it up and hence, we can tell that:

  • Each language has its use cases. However, you can achieve almost anything with Python that you can use with JavaScript.

  • Both programming languages share a lot of aspects, such as following a multi-paradigm approach and being lexically scoped. At the same time, there are several differences between the two that must not be ignored.

  • There is no scarcity of libraries and extensions available to Python and JavaScript for achieving more than what is offered as inbuilt features. Although both have several job opportunities available, Python has a better market presence and is also easy to learn.

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